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Children’s Exams

The Imperial Classical Ballet Children’s exams are designed to provide a sense of achievement for children and young adults who dance for fun as well as those wishing to progress to a career in classical ballet.   There are seven Graded Exams ranging from Primary to Grade 6 and 10 Class Exams ranging from Pre-Primary to Class Exam 8.  

All Imperial Classical Ballet Children’s Exams aim to build a child’s technical ability and understanding of the technique whilst developing an innate sense of poise, grace, musicality, and a joy of dance.

Vocational Exams

There are four  Imperial Classical Ballet Vocational exams: Intermediate Foundation; Intermediate; Advanced 1; Advanced 2.  They provide a sound and well-constructed development of technique and artistic quality and are designed to enhance and enrich the training of both students wishing to dance professionally and those wishing to enter the teaching profession.  

Imperial Classical Ballet Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Vocational Exams may be entered in one of two categories, the second option being the Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Analysis, designed for mature candidates age 25+.

Professional Exams

The Imperial Classical Ballet Professional Exams are designed for students who wish to move into a career in teaching and to develop their own professional practice. 

Associate International
Associate Diploma  International
Diploma in Dance Education (DDE)  


Teachers are reminded that Imperial Classical Ballet suggested uniform is not compulsory and that pupils may wear suitable uniforms chosen by their teacher.

Please find a useful guide to download below.