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How will each submission be marked?

Each submission will be marked either, Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Is the Challenge only for UK teachers?

No - applications from all over the world are welcome.

What happens if a submission does not reach Challenge standard?

We expect most dancers will meet the criteria of interacting with a space. If you are concerned that your submission is not of adequate submitting standard, please email us at either or

Will the results of this challenge have any impact on exam preparation?

The Challenge is an additional extracurricular activity that is running alongside exams. It’s a great opportunity to keep dancing in spite of restrictions that are in place due to the ongoing pandemic.

Do tasks have to be completed in order?

No. As further tasks are released, candidates will be able to enter one, two or all three tasks in any order. For now, dancers can enter the ‘Inside’ dance task.

Once all three tasks are released, completing all three tasks will mean the Challenge is complete.

Can candidates perform in costume?

Yes. There is no uniform required to enter the Challenge - the only thing that matters is that candidates can move comfortably and safely.

Will quartets be marked separately?

Yes. Each candidate will be marked separately and will need a pin to enter (new students included). Enter in the normal way to receive your pin.