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1. Competitors entering for the Awards must be within the following age categories, the age is taken from the student's point of entry into the nominating event*.

Juvenile: 11 years and under

Junior: 12 up to and including 15 years of age

2. Competitors may represent one genre category only in any one year:

Category 1: Disco, Freestyle and Rock ’n ’Roll (DFR)


Category 2: Ballroom, Latin and Sequence (BLS)

Teachers may represent more than one genre category and age category in any one year.

3.       Previous 1st place Dancesport Bursary Award winners are not eligible to compete again for any award which they have already won.

4.       Competitor’s teachers must have a current, fully paid ISTD membership.

*Nominating event:       

DFR = regional competition whereby the competitor qualified for Grand Finals

Ballroom, Latin and Sequence = first point of entry into an eligible competition between April and March                           

Disco, Freestyle and Rock ’n ’Roll

1.       1st place winners of eligible age from the set dance category at Grand Finals are eligible to compete in the Juvenile and Junior categories respectively. In the event that any eligible competitor that places first declines, or is not eligible due to the specified age categories, the next eligible competitor will be invited to participate in the bursary competition.

2.       All eligible competitors take part in a final set dance category event at Grand Finals.

3.       Dress for competitions: competitors should wear their set dance competition clothing.

4.       1st and 2nd place are selected at the discretion of the adjudicators who live at Grand Finals.

Ballroom, Latin and Sequence

1.       Eligible timeframe: events for entry include all Ballroom, Latin and Sequence events between April and March.

2.       Competitors of eligible age that place 1st to 6th up to Bronze events, and 1st-3rd for Silver and above events, in any eligible Ballroom, Latin and Sequence competition are awarded points according to a scale and are entered into a league:

1st place: 16 points

2nd place: 13 points

3rd place: 10 points

4th place: 7 points

5th place: 4 points

6th place: 1 point

Teachers of eligible competitors are required to confirm competitor participation and details as requested.

3.       Points are collected via entry into events for all three genres and across all competitions in the eligible timeframe.

4.       Points are added together to create a final score at the end of the final competition during the eligible timeframe.

5.       1st and 2nd place* are awarded to the individuals with the most points in each age category.

6.       1st and 2nd place are announced via ISTD media channels.

In the event that two competitors receive the same total score, the total amount of bursary money available will be equally divided and both dancers will place 1st.

In the event that more than two competitors receive the same total score, competitors will be invited to submit a video entry for adjudication.




1st and 2nd place are selected in each age category for each genre.

1st place awards are made as follows:


Juvenile - Jean Cantell Award

Junior - Janet Clark Award


Juvenile - Margaret Connon Award

Junior - Anne Lingard Award


Financial awards are made as follows:

Disco, Freestyle and Rock’n’Roll Ballroom, Latin and Sequence

Junior 1st place                       £250
Junior 2nd place                      £150
Juvenile 1st place                    £250
Juvenile 2nd place                   £150

Junior 1st place teacher           £500
Junior 2nd place teachers        £300
Juvenile 1st place teacher       £500
Juvenile 2nd place teachers    £300

Junior 1st place                       £250
Junior 2nd place                      £150
Juvenile 1st place                    £250
Juvenile 2nd place                   £150

Junior 1st place teacher           £500
Junior 2nd place teachers        £300
Juvenile 1st place teacher       £500
Juvenile 2nd place teachers     £300


Funds awarded to students are to be used for future dance training. e.g. training courses, one-to-one coaching, dance training fees, and travel to access intensive training in other countries.

Funds awarded to teachers are intended to create a bursary fund for their school specifically to engage in development opportunities, community activity or to support students in financial need.

Possible uses may include:

  • Providing free classes at local schools, secondary, primary, SEN;
  • Buying in expertise to deliver a unique experience for students;
  • Community engagement workshops (care homes, community groups);
  • Free workshop/taster/open day event;
  • Supporting class, exam, competition/festival fees for students in financial need;
  • Providing items of uniform for students in need;
  • Providing class support for the inclusion of students with particular needs;
  • CPD for teachers at the school.  

Teachers are required to evidence spend, complete an evaluation form and write an article for DANCE upon request.