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4 April 2024

With the inclusion of Breaking in the 2024 Paris Olympics, this is a fantastic opportunity for both teachers and students to get involved in this incredible and inclusive form of dance.

Available to all ISTD members, our Street Dance Syllabus provides the freedom to explore a range of street dance styles within a progressive medal test framework, designed to support teachers to build street dancing skills with their students.  

An ISTD student mid-breaking, ISTD chevrons imposed into the background.

Our approach offers a variety of levels to ensure that both beginners and more experienced pupils can benefit from this opportunity to progress through Street Dance examinations and learn a range of Street Dance styles.

With examinations lasting from 5-15 minutes, it also presents a chance for teachers to encourage students who are new to examinations to give them a try, with the ability to be examined as an individual performer or as part of a crew.

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Hear from some current ISTD Street Dance students

This brilliant opportunity for ISTD teachers coincides with student interest generated by the inclusion of Breaking in the Paris Olympics and provides teachers with a different kind of classroom and exam experience.

Isla Selley, Director of Boom Arts Academy in the UK, gives us an exclusive insight into how Street Dance, specifically Breaking (Break dance) can bring a “fusion of athleticism, artistic expression and sense of community” to dance schools.

“It encourages individuality within a supportive group setting, allowing each child to explore and showcase their unique style.”


With this fresh take on our current Syllabus, we hope to continue to inspire, motivate and encourage both dancers and teachers to try something new or continue their dance journey with Street Dance.

If you’re already entering students into ISTD Street Dance examinations, updates will be published from 1 April for examinations from January 2025, but if you’re not already offering Street Dance as a class or examination, 2024/25 may be the perfect opportunity to change that.

A student mid-dance stop, with ISTD chevrons in the background

For the first time ever, our Residential Summer Programme will host Street Dance courses. Led by industry experts, sessions will be designed to give ISTD Teachers the foundation steps and styles of our updated Street Dance Glossary, alongside House and Hip-Hop sessions.

So, whether you’re a skilled Breaker, or looking to Cross Hop into Street Dance, our refreshed ISTD Syllabus is available for all ISTD members to access now.

Find out more about the Syllabus and how you can get involved as an ISTD Member on the Street Dance webpage.

Isla's full article will be featured in the upcoming Dance Magazine Issue 501.

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