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28 October 2021

Plan B 

  • Face coverings compulsory in some settings
  • Powers to introduce vaccine passports
  • Encourage people to work from home
  • Communicating the need for caution.

Learn more about Plan B here.

We are liaising with our examiners about travelling to traditional exam sessions if the public is encouraged to work from home. The Examinations Department will be working with examiners and members to ensure minimal disruption, and inform our members directly should a move to remote examinations for their exam session be necessary due to the government’s directive. Please do not approach the Examinations department regarding your exam session as they will be in contact with you directly if anything should change.

The latest news and guidance on social distancing for exams, risk assessments and resources to support you and your business can be found in our Coronavirus Guidance and Support Hub.

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