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Established in 1904, with a mission to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms; today the Society strives to advance excellence in dance teaching and education. We promote knowledge in each specialty and provide up-to-date techniques in the ever-changing world of dance. We work hard to maintain and improve teaching standards in schools, academies, and performing arts settings across the world. 

We are known for our quality of teaching, our diversity of dance forms, and a passion for raising standards.

We put our members – teachers of dance – at the heart of everything we do. Supporting their career development and progression by providing a range of resources, events, training, and continuous professional development, all designed to support your journey through dance. 

The Society is a registered educational charity (250397), regulated examinations board, and membership association. With 6000 members in 59 countries worldwide, we conduct over 120,000 examinations and 20,000 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year.



Our history

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing was established in 1904 and it is the dedication of generations of teachers and dance educationalists that ensures the continued worldwide reputation for dance excellence.

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Our Governance

Our Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, and Faculty Committees work together to make sure the organisation is a world leader in dance education.

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Share your love of dance and support us

Support us in our mission to educate the public in art of dancing in all its forms. As a registered educational charity (250397) we provide opportunities for students around the world to access a dance education.

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