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Prospective teachers in the Dancesport Faculty have a number of progression routes to follow. Outside the European Union, student teachers follow Route B with the initial teaching qualification being the Associate, which you will need to complete in every genre you wish to enter candidates for examinations. You may also choose to start your training by becoming a Student Teacher within your chosen dance style; although this is not a prerequisite of undertaking the Associate qualification, it is helpful preparation for the examination.

At present, prospective teachers within the European Union have two possible progression routes to follow. The two routes offer candidates different types of qualifications, firstly our accredited qualifications – the DDI and the DDE – and secondly the Associate qualification, the route available to those outside the European Union.

As prospective teachers have the opportunity to choose their own professional development route, it is worth taking the time to consider the two options, looking at what commitments you have, what type of teaching qualification you wish to achieve at the end of your training and in what setting you are going to teach.

If you live within the European Union and wish to follow the accredited route, Route A, it is recommended that you complete your DDI and DDE in every genre you wish to teach students. These teaching qualifications are accredited by the Regulatory Bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Ofqual, DCELLS and CEA) at Level 3 and Level 4, respectively, on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). These qualifications develop the practical teaching skills required to become a recognised, qualified and fully rounded dance teacher. Their unitised approach allows flexibility for students to continue working whilst studying towards the qualifications.

If you wish to follow the non-accredited route, Route B, it is recommended that you complete the Associate in every genre you wish to enter students into examinations. You can start with the Student Teacher within your chosen dance style, which is not a prerequisite of undertaking the Associate qualification but is helpful preparation.

Routes for teachers and student teachers are set out in the overview below. Those within the European Union should follow Route A or B, and those outside, Route B.

It is worth noting that once you have embarked upon either Route A or Route B, you still have the possibility to cross over and continue on the other route if you live in the European Union. For example, once you have achieved your Associate, Licentiate or Fellowship, you would be able to work towards your Route A qualifications in that relevant genre by applying for our Accredited Prior (Experiential) Learning (AP(E)L) procedure.

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