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Dancers Pro

Discount for ISTD Members on Dancers Pro!

At Dancers Pro, we like to recognise the hard work and dedication dancers put in to their training and their careers. As such, we have a special discount for members of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Click here for discount rate on Dancers Pro.

Dancers Pro allows you, the professional dancer, to list your resume and portfolio on our central online database, accessible to 3000+ employers and dance companies. Our unique profile tagging mechanism enables us to instantly alert you to upcoming jobs which match your skills. And as if that didn't sound enough, we take the application process to the next step, enabling you to receive feedback from employers directly through the site, network with other dancers and also browse our comprehensive resource database.

If you have any questions regarding the service please get in touch on 020 7288 7404 or alternatively email info@dancerspro.com.