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At the ISTD Academy we are offering expert Licentiate ICB tutoring with a specialist lecturer. There will be 4 online intensive days of delivery including exam preparation and additional 1-1 mentoring.

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Course Details

Discover the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Licentiate, a prestigious qualification, offering a clear pathway to becoming a higher-level dance teacher with the ISTD.  

At the ISTD Academy, we offer the Licentiate ICB remotely, tailored to individuals seeking flexible study options with global accessibility. These short courses are perfect for those wanting to become higher-level professional dance teachers. 

Completing the Licentiate ICB examination opens doors to a multitude of opportunities for advancing your teaching career. You'll have the chance to elevate your teaching skills to a higher level, apply to become an ISTD Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) tutor, pursue examiner training, and even apply for recognition as an ISTD Approved Dance Centre (ADC). For those aspiring to further their studies and pursue Fellowship, holding Advanced 2 in ICB is a requirement.  

In our programme, you'll immerse yourself in higher-level dance concepts, exploring advanced teaching methods and strategies to refine your understanding and communication skills. We'll help you expand your analytical abilities and enhance your effectiveness as a teacher. Additionally, you'll refine your artistry, developing a higher level of creativity and musicality. Gain invaluable insights as you acquire practical knowledge, building a teaching toolkit that sets you apart as an educator and advanced practitioner. 


Course Dates

Next course announcement coming soon.


Includes group sessions and 4 hours of 1-1 mentoring in the standard fee. Additional mentoring packages are available upon request. 

Application with video submission  £60  Deducted from fees for successful candidates  
Standard Fees*  £1139 Payable at enrolment 
Examination Fee  £379 Payable at enrolment 
TOTAL  £1578  

*Fees are reviewed annually and therefore subject to change 

Academy Entry Requirements

  • Advanced 1 certificate in ICB or successful APEL application
  • In depth knowledge of the current ICB syllabus up to and including Advanced 1
  • Associate Diploma or Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) or the Diploma in Dance Pedagogy (DDP) qualification in ICB
  • For the examination - a group of students at relevant level who you have taught for a minimum of 6 months 
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • Copies of most recent syllabus books and music from the digital download
  • Experience of teaching at vocational level
  • Attendance at CPD sessions if required

It is recommended that candidates:

  • Attend at a weekly ICB class, at Intermediate level or higher

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APEL)
If you do not fulfil the entry requirements for the Licentiate but feel you have the required knowledge or experience, you can apply for APEL to access this qualification via the ISTD directly. The APEL scheme takes account of your professional experience and unregulated qualifications to enable you to potentially by-pass the usual requirements.

To find out more please visit Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).


Application Process 

  • Apply now by emailing or following the online link here.
  • Successful candidates will be required to submit a 1hr recording of their teaching practice and practical demonstration for review. The class must follow a syllabus in ICB at Grade 5 level or higher with a minimum of 4 students. 
  • Following review, candidates will be invited to either an interview or individual feedback session with a specialist lecturer. 


Got questions or need more information? Email us at or call our friendly team on 020 7655 8875. 

For further information about the ICB Syllabus, please download the Syllabus Outline.

Read here