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Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty offers a comprehensive range of competitions and awards organised by the Faculty working with dedicated volunteer organisers and teachers who give their time to create additional performance opportunities for young dancers.

Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards

The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards offer in one high profile annual event, both children and vocational students the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in an atmosphere of friendly competition. The Awards are held annually at Sadler's Wells, London in the autumn term and incorporate the Mabel Ryan and the Vocational Awards.

The Mabel Ryan Awards are a long-established key event in the Faculty year. They are intended to encourage dance quality and demonstrate the high standard of children training in the Cecchetti Method. The Awards are for children and pre-vocational students and there are four award levels - Lower Junior, Junior, Middle, and Senior. Competitors perform set classwork and perform a dance. 

The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Vocational Awards are open to vocational students in the UK and Europe. Prestigious awards offering support for a students’ training include the Fewster Cecchetti Scholarship, the Barbara Geoghegan Award, the Promising Dancer and Musicality Award. The competition attracts the highest level of talented young dancers from our vocational training schools and is adjudicated by professional company dancers and directors.

Cecchetti Choreographic Competition

The Cecchetti Children’s Choreographic Competition is a very popular, long-established event started by Barbara Geoghegan in 1963 which has flourished ever since. The event usually takes place in the spring term in London and young dancers studying the Cecchetti method have the opportunity to develop their skills in the world of choreography. There are three sections - Junior, Middle, and Senior with each section subdivided into solos, duets, and groups.  Adjudicators include dance artists or respected members of the teaching profession who bring their own choreographic experience and expertise to inform their adjudication.

Cecchetti Children’s Awards

The Cecchetti Children’s Awards are an opportunity for young children to gain their first experience of performing and competing in a friendly atmosphere and usually take place in London in the autumn term.

Let’s Make a Competition is a workshop for aspiring young dancers who have not yet taken part in a Cecchetti Classical Ballet competition - London or Regional Awards. Children participate in a class and rehearsals during the day and present their work to an audience at the end of the day in a format representing a competition. An invited guest will watch the performance and will give encouragement and advice to all the children participating. 

The Children’s Award is a friendly competition for young dancers at the very first level of the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards. Dancers perform set classwork and a dance. There will be the opportunity for competitors to familiarize themselves with the stage and run through the work and their dances before performing to an audience and the Adjudicator.

Cecchetti Malta Awards

Established in 2018, the Cecchetti Malta Awards were introduced to honour the work of Tanya Bayona, who introduced Cecchetti work to Malta over 50 years ago. The Awards offer young dancers in Malta the same opportunities to participate in Cecchetti competitions as those available to UK students. There are currently two levels of awards, the first is for pre-vocational students and the second provides scholarships for those training at vocational levels. Students take part in a class and perform a solo dance for an invited adjudicator.

Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition

Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB), is an association of international Cecchetti Societies and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Cecchetti Society Classical Ballet Faculty is a member. The Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition is organised by the CICB and it takes place every three years and is hosted in a different country with young dancers from the Cecchetti societies around the world participating. A selection event is held by the Cecchetti Faculty in the year of the competition to find talented young ballet dancers to represent the Society at the Competition. The next competition will take place in Sydney, Australia in July 2022 and will be hosted and organised by Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc.