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Welcome to this year’s Grandison Clark Awards  2023.

The National Dance Faculty is delighted to announce the return of the Grandison Clark Awards, for the first time combining adjudication of live and video submission entries for each category at the same event.

We also welcome our new Junior and Senior Class Performance Awards. This section, sponsored by Freed of London, is an ideal participation opportunity for schools not yet entering National competitions. Class and solo will be taught on stage, followed by adjudication of the solo only. Please note this section is 'live' and only open to participants who attend the event in person.

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Grandison Clark Awards

Our Grandison Clark Awards will be open to participants of all abilities and levels of experience in National Dance taught by qualified dance teachers worldwide.

Categories as follows:


• Junior Solo A: 8 years & under - 1.5 minute dance

• Junior Solo B: 9 -10 years – 1.5 minute dance

• Solo C: 11-12 years – 2 minute dance

• Solo D: 13 -14 years – 2 minute dance

• Premier Solo E: 15 years & over – 2 minute dance



• Junior Duets: 10 years & under – 2.5 minute dance

• Inter Duets: 11-14 years – 2.5 minute dance

• Senior Duets: 14 - 21 years – 2.5 minute dance



• Junior Trios/Quartets: 10 years & under – 2.5 minute dance

• Inter Trios/Quartets: 11-14 years– 2.5 minute dance

• Senior Trios/Quartets: 14 - 21 years – 2.5 minute dance



• Junior Group: 10 years & under – 4 minute dance

• Inter Group: 11-14 years – 4 minute dance

• Senior Group: 14 - 21 years – 4 minute dance


Class Performance Awards

Our Class Performance Awards will be open to participants of all abilities and levels of experience in National Dance taught by qualified dance teachers.


Entry Criteria

Class 1:  Junior 7 -11 years on 1 September 2023

Class 2:  Senior 12 + years on 1 September 2023

Entry criteria

For all entries, purchase your ticket/s for your competitors/s (1 ticket per dance).



Age as on 1 September 2023.

Only one dance per competitor may be submitted.


Duets /Trios /Quartets:

More than one entry can be submitted but these must be with different dancers.

The age of the eldest dancer determines which section the dance will be placed in.

Age as on 1 September 2023.



5 - 24 participants. The age of the eldest dancer determines which section the dance will be placed in.

Age as on 1 September 2023.


Junior and Senior Class Performance Awards:

Age as on 1s September 2023 determines class.

No National skirts or shoes are required for the Class Performance Awards.

Video submission entries

You will be required to upload video/s of your pupil/s performing their dance/s to our secure Dropbox platform by the deadline 12.00 GMT on Monday 16 October 2023 (details of where to upload your videos will be included in your order confirmation from Eventbrite). All the video submission dances will be played and adjudicated within their relevant section on the day at the live event on Sunday 26 November.

The confirmation email will include a link to a competitor information form that must be completed by the teacher on entering and a consent form that must be completed by all parents/carers/guardians to confirm consent to participate and for any images/video footage taken during this event to be used for marketing and publicity purposes by the ISTD. Images and video footage may be kept and used by the Society for any promotional purposes in perpetuity. This will also provide further essential information for each participant.

Teachers must ensure they are fully aware of and understand the competition rules.

The Adjudicators’ decision is final, individual feedback will not be provided.

Online entries: video guidance

Upon submission of the entry fee, a Dropbox link will be located at the bottom of the Eventbrite PDF ticket, where competitors’ videos can be uploaded securely.

Video submissions must be clearly named as School name – Teacher Name – Dancer Name – Entry Category – Dance title & country.

All competitor entry category & title of piece must be written clearly on an A4 sheet and held by the competitor/s in clear sight at the start of the video.

Whether you use a Video Camera, DSLR Camera or Mobile Phone to record the video, please ensure the lens of the camera/phone is cleaned to avoid finger marks or dust.

Please check the camera settings are set to the highest resolution when filming.

Please be aware of what is behind the dancer and in the video frame. If possible, have a clear, tidy studio/performance space, with no external noises when filming.

Please allow at least 3 seconds at the beginning of the video before the music and competitor commence, and do not stop recording until at least 3 seconds after the competitor has finished.

Competitor/s body and feet must be clearly visible on the recording throughout.

It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality and that the music can be heard. Videos of poor quality may affect the result of entries.

A plain light-coloured background is ideal, if possible.

All videos should be recorded in one take from start to finish, using one camera only.

All videos should be submitted in the correct format of MP4 or MOV files.

All videos should be recorded in landscape orientation.

Videos must be submitted by qualified teachers only.

Video submissions will be screened in the appropriate section at our live event and adjudicated alongside our live entries.


All competitors will receive a certificate of participation.

Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in all categories and some categories will include trophy awards.

Freed of London vouchers each to the value of £50 will be presented in both the Junior and Senior Class Performance Awards in memory of June Ryecroft, Margaret Dixon-Phillips and Robert Harrold.

Tickets, T-shirts and T&C's


Ticket Opening Date - Monday 24 July 2023

Ticket Closing Date -  Monday 16 October 2023


Competitor entry fees:

Solo - £10 per performer

Duet - £5 per performer

Trio/quartet - £5 per performer

Group - ( 5 - 10 dancers ) £45 fee per group

Group - ( 11 - 24 dancers ) £55 fee per group


Class Performance Awards (Junior and Senior) - £10 per performer


Spectator admission fees:

Per session (session times to be confirmed) - £10

All day - £17


ISTD members are permitted one free teacher spectator per school


This year we have bespoke Grandison Clark Awards T-Shirts - Please add to your cart when booking your tickets and pick up from the front desk on 26 November.

Child's t-shirt: £12

Small - Age 5-6 (chest 28)

Medium - Age 7-8 (chest 30)

Large - Age 9-11 (chest 32)

X-Large - Age 12-13 (chest 34)


Adult's t-shirt: £16

Small - (chest 34-36)

Medium - (chest 38)

Large - (chest 40-42)


T-shirts are made to order and therefore non-refundable after the order deadline. We are unable to offer returns or exchanges.

Grandison Clark Awards T-Shirt

Terms and Conditions

Upon booking tickets, all parties agree on the student’s behalf to the criteria of entry, to adhere to health and safety regulations and the competitor rules.

No refunds are payable once a ticket has been purchased and payment received.

No late entries will be accepted, closing date is 12:00 GMT on 16 October 2023,

Entries must be made by the competitors teacher and not parents/guardians.

Entries can be from any country.

The age of the eldest dancer determines which section the dance will be placed in. Teachers can enter using a dance they have prepared for other events. Age as on 1 September 2023 should determine which category to enter. Teachers can enter as many students as they wish.

All competitors must have been with their present Dance school or ISTD qualified National teacher for at least six months before the closing date of 16 October 2023.

The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the rules are followed by all participants to enable the smooth running of the event. Personal recording during any part of this event is strictly forbidden.

Anyone competing in this event does so at their own risk. The ISTD will not accept any responsibility for any injury.

If you are entering video submissions, you have agreed on your competitor’s behalf, that media consent is given in perpetuity as their video will be screened at The Grandison Clark Awards. All video submissions will be kept on file and may be used in post-event publicity.

A competitor information form and media consent form must be completed on behalf of all competitors. Teachers are responsible for obtaining written consent from competitors’ parents/carers/guardians before submitting their video/s.

Please ensure all teachers involved in preparing pupils for the competition, are fully aware of and understand the competition rules.

Funds raised at ISTD events support ISTD’s charitable aims of educating the public in the art of dancing and dance education.

The ISTD reserves the right to cancel or amend the event without notice and any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the organiser.

*The competition relies on a certain number of entries being received. If insufficient entries are received the competition may not be viable and in this case entry fees will be returned. Competitors must be made aware of this by their teacher in advance. If the competition cannot take place teachers will be advised by email.

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