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Welcome to this year’s UK and International Janet Cram Awards for 2023. 

With a refreshed format including online recorded heats and live London Final, sponsored by Dancewear Central.

About this event

Sincerest thanks to those that participated last year. Through the pandemic and post-pandemic, the online experience has been a lifeline to so many in keeping us connected. We reflected this in our online live Cram heats last year, with teachers Zooming in from their own studios from a myriad of locations. We felt it was important to continue to reflect and refresh our awards to be as inclusive as possible and to engage with our teachers and dancers.

Therefore, we are excited to combined our UK and International awards for 2023 into one event, bringing together all our teachers from across the globe, through recorded submissions of the class heats with the Junior, Senior, and Premier categories.

We invite you all to participate in learning our specially commissioned industry sequences which can be taught and rehearsed in your classes and studios (through Vimeo links sent from Eventbrite), with teachers submitting this class footage to the ISTD dropbox to be observed by our specialist adjudicators.

All Finalists, whether they are from the UK or internationally, will be announced for each category after all submissions have been observed and adjudicated. Finalists will be invited to our live finals in London on 25 June, where they will perform in front of industry and faculty adjudicators (Theatre dates and address to be confirmed) and will receive digital certificates, as well as trophies/medals and dance prizes for the winners at the live final. If finalists are unable to attend the live finals in person, they will be acknowledged and receive a small token to mark their achievement of being a 2023 finalist.

Winning competitors will have the opportunity to be nominated as the Modern Theatre Faculty Representative for our Annual Theatre Bursary Awards 2023, where the overall winning dancers and teachers will be awarded receive financial bursaries (age specifications apply).

There will be an opportunity for family members and friends to attend the live final, and tickets will be available for purchase after the finalists have been published, with teachers receiving two free tickets to accompany their competitors.

Competitor information

Our refreshed Cram Heats class format will remain in three categories; Junior, Senior, and Premier and will follow a class format as in previous years of a Set Warm Up and two free contrasting sequences. This work will then be filmed and submitted by the teachers as laid out below. Heats may be closed prior to the advertised closing dates if submissions are oversubscribed.

Juniors: 8 years to 11 years on 1 January 2023
Must have passed ISTD Grade 3 or 4 Modern and no higher

Seniors: 11 years to 14 years on 1 January 2023

Must have passed ISTD Grade 4, 5, or 6 Modern and no higher.

Premier:13 years to 17 years on 1 January 2023

Must have passed ISTD Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate Modern, or Advanced 1 Modern and no higher.


Ticket information 

Application opens on Wednesday 15 February.
Closing date for all entries Monday 17 April.

Competitor entry fee (per competitor): £17    

Competitor Early Bird entry fee: £12 (ends 10 March)

All tickets are booked through our third-party platform, Eventbrite.


Heats Class content information

Junior class  

Set Grade 4 Warm Up and 2 Unset sequences, which may include the following technical content:

•   Circular Spring • Side Kicks • Front Kicks • Spin Turns at high level

•   Triple Runs • Split Runs forwards


Senior class

Set Grade 5 Warm Up and 2 Unset sequences, which may include the following technical content:

•   Single Pirouette at low level, inwards/outwards

•   Side Kicks •   Front Kicks

•   Any Dance vocabulary steps from Grades 5


Premier class

Set Grade 6 Warm Up and 2 Unset sequences which may include the following technical content:

•   Any Dance vocabulary steps from Grade 6 Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate

•   Double Pirouette at high or low level, inwards/outwards


Teachers will be responsible to ensure competitors are numbered correctly (numbers will be allocated to competitors from ISTD) and have been safely warmed up before filming the Cram class.

Please note that no dances will be required to be recorded for the heats. 

Rules and regulations

  • The qualifying examination for all competitors must have taken place between 1 January 2021 and 31 March 2023. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Competitors must have been trained at the ISTD School entering them, from 1 September 2022 unless written permission is given by the previous principal which will need to be given to the Head of Faculty Development.
  • There is no limit to the number of competitors a school can enter.
  • Teachers to ensure that students have a suitable space to dance, to move freely, to be clear of any obstacles, and to adhere to all current COVID guidelines.
  • Teachers are responsible for their own pupils’ safety during this event.
  • The ISTD accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to you, persons around you, your property, or your identity.
  • Anyone competing at this event does so at their own risk.
  • The ISTD will not accept any responsibility for any injury or situation.
  • Teachers are responsible for Under 18s and will ensure that parent/guardian consent has been obtained for them to appear on the recorded footage, these competitors must be always supervised by an adult.
  • All of the free sequences have been choreographed by industry faculty artists and vetted by our Modern Theatre Committee to be in line with each level as stated above.
  • Competitors must take part from a hall or studio only, supervised by an ISTD teacher that is DBS checked and all personal items should be removed from view.


Guidance for submitting the video

  • It is of paramount importance that the video is of good visual quality and that the music can be heard clearly.
  • Teachers are to ensure that their competitors have their allocated number (given by ISTD HQ) and that these must be worn on the front of the competitor’s dancewear whilst recording the class.
  • Competitors must be visible throughout the entire recording.
  • Please record your video in “landscape” not “portrait”.
  • Please introduce dancers by name and competitor number to the camera at the start of the class in order that they can be visibly identified.
  • Please ensure that the recording is one continuous recording with no edits.
  • Format of recorded class

1-Competitors to perform the Warmup in two groups, once through.

2-After the Warm-Up, competitors are to perform Sequence 1 once though in groups of 4-6 competitors

3-Competitors will perform Sequence 1 individually in numerical order. (if there is one dancer they perform twice)

4- Repeat the same process for Sequence 2.

5-Bow altogether without music

  • Whether you use a Video Camera, DSLR Camera, or Mobile Phone to record the video, please ensure the lens of the camera/phone is cleaned to avoid finger marks or dust.
  • Please check the camera settings are set to the highest resolution when filming.
  • Please be aware of what is behind the dancer and in the video frame. If possible, have a clear, tidy studio/performance space, with no external noises when filming.
  • Videos of poor quality may affect the result of that entry.
  • Videos must be submitted by ISTD teachers ONLY.
  • Video submissions must be clearly labelled as below:

TeachersName_Category_Number of Competitors  (category would be either Junior/Senior/Premier)

i.e SusanSmith_Junior_1_2_3_4_5_6

i.e SusanSmith_Senior_1_2


Safety and security

  • Consent forms will be completed by all competitors via parents/guardians in readiness for both the recorded heats and live finals (in readiness for data capture for BOPA for the live final). Any data received on the entry/consent form will be kept securely and used for the purposes of administrating this event. After a reasonable time, this will be destroyed. No data will be shared with any person or group outside the ISTD.
  • Clips from recorded footage and any footage/photos from finals may be used on any ISTD publications and also on the website, DANCE magazine and social media platforms.
  • Please ensure the floor is safe and that the competitors are working within COVID safe measures as stipulated by the venue.
  • Teachers should ensure their competitors are fully warmed up beforehand and perform the work in a safe manner, which will not cause injury, ensuring the area chosen to dance is suitable and clear from any obstructions.
  • For safeguarding and security reasons it is preferable that teachers use a recording device with a memory card when recording (preferably password protected).
  • If teachers choose to use a mobile device, the footage should be uploaded immediately to the secure Dropbox link provided by the ISTD, once the footage is transferred, this should be deleted from the teacher’s device and not stored.
    • All competitors will receive a digital certificate of participation with their names included.
    • The adjudicators decisions are final.
    • The ISTD will not be held responsible for any person in breach of their current country/local regulations.
    • The ISTD reserves the right to cancel or amend the event without notice and any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the organiser.
    • Principals must ensure all teachers involved in preparing pupils for the competitions are fully aware of and understand the competition rules.


Cancellation policy

We regret that no refunds are payable once tickets are purchased and payment is received.

However, in the event that the ISTD cancels the event, a full refund will be processed.

The ISTD is not liable for any additional costs incurred, including, but not limited to, travel or accommodation costs.

Professional etiquette

  • Please observe professional courtesy and if any teacher has concerns that need to be raised during the competition day, please email
  • Any complaint regarding eligibility for this competition must be submitted to the Head of Faculty Development in writing to to be dealt with in the appropriate manner.
  • The integrity of the teacher is relied upon to ensure that the behaviour and conduct of their competitors on the day of the heats and finals are professional and do not disturb the enjoyment of others and the smooth running of the event.

Award final

Date: Sunday 25 June


Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford, Oakfield Road, Ilford, IG1 1BT

Once the recorded submissions of the Heats have been adjudicated, the finalists list will be emailed to all teachers to inform their students, and this will also be published on Modern Theatre Facebook page.

Finals timetables will then be prepared and emailed to the teachers involved with their competitor class times within two weeks. The Finals Day will start approximately from 9.45am with the Junior class, followed by Senior after lunch and then onto the Premier later in the afternoon/evening.


Finals: Competitor Finalist Fee: £10

Finals: Spectators’ Admission Fee:

Adults £15 • Under 14s £5 • Family Ticket (2x Adult 2x Children) £25

Two free teacher tickets per school – please ensure you book these via ISTD website.

All final tickets are to be booked through Eventbrite and will open once the finalist list has been published.


Finals class content

Junior class

•  Set Grade 4 Warm Up and 2 Contrasting sequences to be taught on the day.

Each Finalist will then perform their prepared solo in the Modern Theatre Genre, which must be no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds.


Senior class

•   Set Grade 5 Warm Up and 2 Contrasting sequences to be taught on the day.

Each Finalist will then perform their prepared solo in the Modern Theatre Genre, which must be no longer than 1 minute 45 seconds.


Premier class

•   Set Grade 6 Warm Up and 2 Contrasting sequences to be taught on the day.

 Each Finalist will then perform their prepared solo in the Modern Theatre Genre, which must be no longer than 2 minutes.


Please ensure that all dance solos in all categories are in the modern theatre genre: lyrical, musical theatre (no singing) modern, jazz, or jazz theatre.

Teachers are recommended to steer away from contemporary and commercial solos.

Costumes are not required for the Heats/Finals classes or Final solo.

For the smooth and timely running of each class, competitors are kindly asked not to choreograph their entrance and exit to and from the stage.

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