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Tuesday 2 April, 10:30 -  12:00 BST
Let’s talk Street Dance
Led by: Amanda Tapp - with guest speakers Alex Nguyen and Alex "Mechanikool" Peters

Join us on this free webinar detailing everything Street/Hip Hop. 

Led by Amanda Tapp (Head of Faculty Development for DFR and Street), this session will offer an in-depth and educational insight into the world of Street and Hip Hop, from the history and evolution of the styles, to how to educate pupils and the benefits of exams, competitions and classes that you could incorporate in your business. 

Hear from our VIP guests who are pioneering the world of Street and their experiences in this fast evolving genre.

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Lecturer Information


Alex Nguyen

Alexander Nguyen

Alexander Nguyen is a choreographer, artist, dancer and educator with over 20 years of experience beginning with hip-hop dance and evolving to commercial street dance at industry standards. From 2004 to 2010, he was the executive director of Kaba Modern (University of California, Irvine) and of KM LEGACY (Los Angeles, California), and has been invited to perform at many prestigious venues throughout the US such as the ESPY’s awards, World of Dance and Hip-Hop International He taught hip-hop dance at Academy of Dance Studios (Tustin, California) and enjoyed working with children seeing their growth, development and understanding of movement in correlation to sound. In Vietnam, Alexander has been a judge on VTV6’s reality TV show Star Academy/Học Viện Ngôi Sao, Season 1; and together with Thanh Bui, he cofounded Dance Faculty, as part of Soul Music and Performing Arts Academy. He is also Founder and Managing Director of The LYRICIST Dance Company.


Alex "Mechanikool" Peters

 Alex Mechanikool

Mechanikool has been a student of the street dance art form known as Popping, Electric Boogaloo and Animation. He has been practising this style for 24 years so far and is still active as far as studying the style and teaching it to others.

He is very passionate about teaching, mentoring and coaching.  As an active member of the street dance community, Mechanikool has a reputation for his ability to teach many students across various generations in the street dance community both in the UK and internationally. He has a very engaging, informative and fun style of educating. As an advocate for engagement in arts, Mechanikool is passionate about encouraging people to give dance a try.

Mechanikool was the UK popping champion in 2009 & 2011. He has also won many other respected street dance competitions.





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