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Join the North West (Lancashire) Representative Andrew Hindley and lecturer Jessica Morgan-Beale for a day of Modern Theatre training.


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Sunday 2 June, 10:00 - 17:00  (6 CPD hours)
Modern Theatre – Grade 4 and grade 5 floor sequences with progressions
Lecturer: Jessica Morgan-Beale


On this course you will learn the Grade 4 and grade 5 floor sequences which will become an integral part of the EDI option choices. You will learn the Progressions that build up to each of the set sequences with attention given to the initiation and completion of each movement and how these movement pathways underpin safe weight transitions 'in and out' of the floor. We will examine how the concepts of the new movement vocabulary in the new sequences have already been established in existing floor exercises in the lower grades, how they prepare the physique to master the Grade 6 technique, referencing 'falling' in limbering and dance movement in order to develop a deeper understanding of the vocational work. We will discuss how this new work fits in to our existing syllabus, how these choices will impact your teaching and your pupils learning, ensuring a more inclusive approach for everyone to access a complete syllabus.


Contact the local representative: Andrew Hindley -


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