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Any other questions?

Please contact us at and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

Are children allowed to attend this event?

Graduation is a formal event that runs over a number of hours and is therefore not the most suitable environment for young children. However, If you would like to bring your child, then please make sure to note this at the point of booking (including their age) and we will do our best to accommodate. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times they are in the venue.

Children over the age of 5 will require their own ticket, therefore please take this into consideration when booking your two allocated tickets.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Charges apply for cancellations 6 weeks prior to the examination date of £100 per day.

Can Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 candidates be examined in a private session?

For traditional examination sessions, 60% of the exam day should be made up of vocational candidates (this includes Intermediate  Foundation and Intermediate levels).  There are no restrictions for remote examinations, however, please provide alternative examination dates for us to work with.

Can any school become an ADC?

If your school is interested in becoming an Approved Dance Centre, they would need to offer the Level 4 DDE. If your school is interested in offering the DDE please contact Applications to become an ADC are welcome at any time. If you want to deliver our graded and vocational graded examinations and class tests, your school does not need to become an ADC. Instead, your school must have a qualified Society teacher with a current and appropriate level of membership. 

Can candidates perform in costume?

Yes. There is no uniform required to enter the Challenge - the only thing that matters is that candidates can move comfortably and safely.

Can I cancel my examination session?

Yes, however, if you cancel an exam day within six weeks of your exam date then you will be liable for a £100 cancellation fee for each day cancelled. Please be aware that examiners make travel and accommodation arrangements several months in advance of your exam day. Cancelling your exam session at any point after they have been appointed to you, therefore, causes considerable inconvenience. We would kindly ask that you avoid cancellations wherever possible.

Can I get a refund if my candidate is injured/ill?

Teachers may apply for a 50% refund if your candidate is injured/ill (inc. Covid illness) provided we receive a completed refund form within four weeks of the exam date, accompanied by the medical evidence of the illness or injury.

Please notify us immediately of any timetable changes by emailing


Can I make any amendments to my timetable?

Candidates can be deleted at any point prior to submitting your timetable and you will not be charged for their fee. Once the timetable has been submitted, amendments can be made up to five working days prior to the exam by emailing the exam department.

Once your amendment has been made you will need to log onto your session to make any additional payments due on the Fees tab. Failure to do so will delay your results and certificates being issued. Once a timetable has been submitted candidates may not be withdrawn from a timetable.

Can I purchase additional guest tickets?

Due to limited capacity at the venue, all graduates are allocated two guest tickets. If any additional tickets do become available, graduates will be contacted via email, closer to the day of the event.

Tickets for this event will not be available to purchase at the door. Therefore, only guests with a ticket will be permitted into the venue.

Can my candidate(s) fees be transferred across to another session if they are injured/ill?

100% of a candidate’s fees can be transferred across to another session (traditional or remote) if they are unable to take their examination due to illness/injury (inc. Covid illness). Please note that a medical note or evidence must be provided. We must also be notified before the exams take place - please email

Please note should your exam fees fall below the minimum daily fee for UK exams after the ill/injured candidates are withdrawn the session must be held remotely.