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  4. What facilities should I provide for the exam day?
  • A firm writing table (suggested 5ft x 2ft)
  • A comfortable chair of suitable height with a cushion and one extra chair
  • Adequate lighting and heating
  • Drinking or mineral water
  • Soap and towel in the washroom
  • Music player connection, CD player and CDs (if required). CDs should be of good quality with adequate volume
  • Mirrors should be covered
  • Please ensure that any windows/doors which allow outside observation of the candidates’ exam room are covered

Please note:

  • The changing room for candidates must be separate from the examination room and not a screened-off partition
  • In all breaks, including lunch, the examiner should be left alone and uninterrupted
  • For class assessments, every child must have their number pinned to their uniform.


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