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Teachers wishing to enter a small number of candidates may apply for a remote examination session, as these have no minimum fees. Please apply on Quest and state on the Application Page in the Teachers Notes box that you are requesting a remote session. Please submit timetables and payment at least four weeks prior to the examination date.

Alternatively, teachers may collaborate and jointly enter candidates, basing exams at one or two venues. However, if two venues are used, these should be close enough together for an examiner to travel to without exceeding the daily hours. This should be organised between both parties and should not involve the administration team at HQ. All payments must be made to the Primary Organiser of the examination session to then be paid to the ISTD. Unless otherwise stated in the Teacher Notes box on the Application Page, all results will be sent to the Primary Organiser.

Each term London and Regional Exam Centres across the UK are also available for teachers to enter candidates. Please see further information on our London and Regional Centres here.

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