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The Sequence Faculty was formed in 1947 as the Victorian and Sequence Branch. Its aim was to encourage the dances which were popular prior to the First World War and which are now generally referred to as Old Time dances.

At this time there was a great revival in this form of dancing and the ISTD Council invited three Fellows of the Ballroom Branch who specialised in Old Time Dancing to form a committee: Cecil Ruault, Netta Brooke, and Margaret Cadman. Miss Ruault was appointed Chairman, a position she held until 1980.

Today Sequence dancing includes not only the authentic Old Time style but many dances and sequences based on Ballroom and Latin American techniques. It is probably the most popular form of social dance today, as Sequence Clubs are to be found in nearly every village and town. Two of the great attractions of this form of dance as a pastime are the friendly atmosphere which prevails and its appeal to all age groups. For those who wish to improve their standard, the examination system and Medallist Competitions provide the necessary goals for which to aim.

Download a history of the Sequence Faculty. If you would like to find out more about ISTD history you can order your copy of 100 Years of Dance from our online shop.

3-Dance Competition Dances 2019

These are the dances for the 2019 Sequence 3-dance competition. As you can see there is a mix of new dances and ones that have been danced for longer. We hope you enjoy learning the different rhythms. Scripts can be obtained from Sales: 020 7377 1577 or through Brockbank Lane Sequence Script Service: 01295 262153


Empress Mazurka

Tango El Cid

Rumba One


La Mascotte

Newchurch Waltz

Paso Espana


Premier Two Step

Arcadia Foxtrot

Brazillian Samba


Windsor Glide

Carribean Foxtrot

Joop Jive


Elizabethan Waltz

Kendray Quickstep

Bellissimo Cha Cha Cha



Recent Faculty Notices  

DVDs of the 2017 Dancesport Congress are available from the ISTD shop here.

There are a few discrepancies or amendments to the scripts of the following dances: Richmond Gavotte, Engagement Waltz, and Marquesa Rumba. Please see our newsletter for details, available from Katherine Costain +44 (0)7551 159470.



Faculty newsletter
To obtain more information and to keep up-to-date with Sequence matters, please see the Sequence Faculty Newsletter. Copies are available from Katherine Costain on +44 (0)7551 159470 or email Sequence.Club@istd.org

 ISTD dance teachers lead the way  

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