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Resources for Teachers

The following section aims to build on this major and very well received initiative and provides further guidance, practical advice and resources on inclusive dance practice for teachers keen to develop their practice or progress their career in inclusive dance as well as for disabled children and young people and their parents or carers.



Research Studies

Accessing pathways to training for young disabled dancers. In 2018, the Society undertook a research project with the University of Bedfordshire, investigating accessibility to our syllabi for disabled learners.

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Funding and Volunteer Recruitment

Including disabled persons in dance projects does not need to be a complex task. Having to meet additional needs can be very challenging and require not just care and consideration, but extra funds, skills and resources.

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Creating an Accessible Dance Space

There is a growing demand for inclusive practice and policies. Discover some of our top tips to create an accessible dance space.

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Local Councils and Inclusive Organisations

Where to find providers and further information on inclusive dance.

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