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It’s important to meet the needs of every student in your classroom. This takes care and consideration, and may also require extra funds, skills and resources. See our top tips for fundraising below.

Top tips for fundraising

Volunteer recruitment and management

Finding volunteers

To find volunteers for inclusive dance practice, either to provide support for ongoing work or for one-off projects, a good first port of call may be a local authority. Most local authorities have local volunteer centres, provide further information and also promote volunteering opportunities on their websites. To find a local council in a given area, the UK Government website provides a postcode / local council finder.

There are also national programmes as well as organisations that are dedicated to encouraging volunteering for example via award programmes.

There is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which amongst others has a programme that recognises volunteers’ achievements. For organisations, there is the opportunity to become an Approved Activity Provider, which is a scheme that supports organisations in attracting and training volunteers.

Another way for organisations to offer opportunities to young people who are taking their Arts Award is to become an Arts Award Supporter.

Recruiting, training, and managing

Managing volunteers is a process that encompasses many facets, from attracting and recruiting to training, supporting and developing the volunteers.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations' (NCVO) website provides a wealth of best practice advice for all stages of the process including legal and insurance matters.

Note: the information above is UK focused, however, similar schemes may be available in other countries.

Member resources


Juliet Diener, who also participated in the Society’s research project in 2019, is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and the Principal at icandance, a UK-based dance organisation specialising in using dance and movement to nurture learning and development in children and young people with disabilities.

Members can log in to download her guide to funding an inclusive project below and learn about fundraising basics, funding sources, fund management or tips on how to gain further funding support.