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31 March 2023

We’d like to thank all our members for the comments we have received since announcing our intention to replace printed report sheets with a digital version. We value your feedback, and we are taking on board your concerns.

To give us more time to understand the impact of the proposed change on teachers, students, and their parents/guardians, we are extending the transition period. This means that you have the option to download and share the digital report sheets and you will still receive the printed report sheets with your certificates. 

We would encourage you to join us in trialling the digital report sheets and then share your feedback with us. To help you with these communications we will soon provide some template letter/email copy and a survey that you might like to share. All the feedback will be reviewed and communicated back to members by the end of August.

To support you to become familiar with the new functionality on QUEST, you can find more detailed guidance about downloading and printing of report sheets here.

Why are we seeking to move to digital report sheets?

We know the way people access information is changing. Learners and teachers are increasingly considered ‘digital natives' – only knowing a world of immediate access to the internet and information at a touch or swipe of a button. 

Our aim is for digital report sheets to be:

  • easily accessible for teachers and learners
  • shared quickly after the exam, rather than receiving them six – eight weeks after the exam
  • kinder to the environment.

As an organisation, we aim to improve our technology and processes to meet the needs of our current members and future generations We recognise that there will need for transition periods and adaptability in the approach. As young children still may prefer a printed report sheet, while the older students may appreciate a digital record of their learning. We hope that this solution provides this adaptability.

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