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16 September 2021

Here are our 2021 Faculty Elections results. Congratulations to our faculty members.

Please note that there are still vacancies on the Tap Committee and the Classical Greek Committee. If you are a Full or Life Member, holding Fellow status, and would be interested in this role, please contact for further information.

Modern Ballroom

Christopher Hawkins
Claire Still
Richard Miles
Teresa Jay
Warren Boyce
Nicholas Jury
Stephen Arnold

Classical Greek

Alison Seddon
Lucy Pohl
Karen Collings


Jackie Hutt
Nathan James
Aaron Lissimore
Andrea Ashton
Andrew Hindley
Carole Moseley

Modern Theatre

Lyn Richardson
Penny Meekings
Ruth Armstrong
Andre Koschyk
Elizabeth Reeves
Sadie Morgan
Valerie Jones

Classical Indian Dance

Sujata Banerjee
Chitraleka Bolar
Pushkala Gopal
Nina Rajarani
Swati Raut
Urja Thakore
Kiran Ratna

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