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Dance Exchange returns for 2024

Don’t miss the chance to network with other teachers

  • Receive advice directly from the DFR Faculty committee
  • Discounted purchase on the DFR Set Dances 2025
  • Celebrate dancing in a live venue once again

Tickets on sale now!  Download the event programme below:

Dance exchange 2024

DFR Dance Exchange 2023DFR Dance Exchange 2023DFR Dance Exchange 2023DFR Dance Exchange 2023

Dance Exchange 2023


Event details

Dance Exchange 2024 promises to be a wonderful programme - and an exciting part of our 120 year celebrations.

Find out about the content of our lectures here and what you can expect throughout the day. A warm welcome awaits you from our Faculty Committee. 

There will be an opportunity to network with other teachers, ask any questions you may have about membership or our syllabi and If you are attending alone, please don’t worry, we have a “new teachers”/”first timers” area where you can sit with one of our committee and fellow teachers.

(Note, if you are participating, please ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear)



Warm-up with Katy Lark
Start your day with us in the right way!  Personal trainer and ISTD dance teacher Katy will take you through your paces to ensure that you are ready to participate in our high energy day.
Bronze and below - Beginner Hip Hop with Vikki Stavrinos
Explore this popular style of Street Dance with our industry expert, who will guide you through suitable routines for beginners in your street dance classes.
Beginner - Grades 1-3 with Joanna Bevan
Prep exercises and the benefits of these.
Intermediate - Rock n Roll with Maria Howse
Silver/ Gold Rock n Roll figures and choreography.
Bronze – Silver Pairs – making the connection with Amy Lewis
A journey into exciting choreography and connection of pairs not only on the competition floor, but also for use in examinations.
Advanced - Hip Hop with Vikki Stavrinos
Explore this popular style of Street Dance with our industry expert, who will guide you through challenging routines for your advanced dancers.

Dancer and Dance Teachers wellbeing with Kim Rogers
Our pupils are important to us.  We know that doing well in examinations and at competitions is very important to them.  How do we prepare and educate both the parents and our dancers positively to succeed but also to learn how to cope with the disappointment that may follow the lack of trophies or high marks.
Teaching tips and progression for medallists with Paul Streatfield
Award winning examiner Paul Streatfield joins us to review our thought process for technique and choreography in various styles.
Dynamic Stretch with Katy Lark
Dynamic stretch is an important part of the Warm-up process.  In this insightful lecture we will explore how to correctly execute this type of stretch and incorporate it into your warm-up routines.
Solid Socials with Amy Morrison
This lecture will provide you with exciting choreography for your beginner freestyle dancers.
Set Dance Presentation with Maria Howse
The first reveal of our new dances for 2025!
Cool down with Katy Lark
The cool down is essential to ensure injuries are minimised.  Join Katy for the final part of our day.


Time         Level                          Lecture title                                                                  Lecturer

9:15          ALL                              Warm-up                                                                           Katy Lark
9:30          Bronze and Below     Beginner Hip Hop                                                             Vikki Stavrinos
10:00       Beginner                      Grades 1-3                                                                        Joanna Bevan
10:45       Intermediate                Rock n Roll                                                                        Maria Howse
11:15       ALL                               Bronze – Silver pairs – Making the connection             Amy Lewis
11:45       Advanced                     Hip Hop                                                                             Vikki Stavrinos
12:30       ALL                               Dancer and Dance Teachers wellbeing                         Kim Rogers

13:00       Lunch

13:45       ALL                             Teaching tips and progression for medallists                 Paul Streatfield
14:30       ALL                             Dynamic stretch                                                                  Katy Lark
15:00       Beginner                    Solid socials                                                                        Amy Morrison
15:30       ALL                             Set Dance presentation                                                     Maria Howse
16:00       ALL                             Cool down                                                                           Katy Lark


Further Information


In the instance of a change to availability, we may need to find an alternative lecturer (than the one originally scheduled) to lead a course. This will not affect the content covered in the course.

CPD hours

All hours stated next to each course refer to the earned CPD hours. This will be reflected on each certificate of attendance that you will receive.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please contact and a member of the team will get back to you.

Terms and Conditions

A media consent form must be completed by parents/carers/guardians confirming consent for any images/video footage taken during this event to be used for marketing and publicity purposes by the ISTD. Images and video footage may be kept and used by the Society for any promotional purposes for up to two years.

The ISTD accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to you, persons around, your property or your identity.

The ISTD reserves the right to cancel or amend any session within this event and these terms and conditions without notice. Any changes to the event will be notified to participants as soon as possible by the organiser.

No refunds are payable once a ticket has been purchased and payment received.

This event relies on a certain number of entries being received. If insufficient entries are received the event may not be viable and in this case entry fees will be returned.




Sales open now

Exclusive offer ISTD Members - £45.00

Exclusive offer ISTD Student Teachers - £50.00


Sales start 1 February 2024

Early Bird ISTD Members - £50.00

Early bird ISTD Students Teachers - £55.00

Early bird Non Members - £60.00


Sales starts 1 August 2024

ISTD Members standard - £60.00

ISTD Student Teachers standard - £65.00

ISTD Non Members standard - £70.00

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