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11 May 2021

From 31 March to 14 April 2021, the Cecchetti Ballet Faculty took an active part in the annual Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Spring Programme. We offered a wide range of courses specifically designed to support our younger teachers in preparing for their initial teaching qualifications and the more experienced teacher preparing for their Licentiate.

The Spring Programme is always interesting and valid for teachers at all levels to refresh or increase their knowledge of our wonderful syllabus and supporting areas of study.

Any worries that teachers or students might be suffering from a surfeit of Zoom were dispelled by the excellent support and participation from teachers throughout the world who linked up and active participated in our Cecchetti based classes.

Lecturer Alison Jenner explored specialist aspects of Intermediate level work such as alignment, biomechanics and pointework, Teresa Lungaro-Misfud concentrated on the Cecchetti principles and build-ups, Sarah Wells and Shirley-Anne Osborne took courses covering all the grades, teaching methods and common faults. Especially appreciated were the excellent lessons held by Cara Drower, who concentrated on work at Licentiate level, exploring dance rhythms, class planning, and Advanced One principles, all accompanied by Osman Tack on the piano.

The course was supported by Valentina Grecchi and Mavis Saba from the Education & Training team and a huge contribution made by Sarah Wells who welcomed all the participants, presented the lecturers, and flagged up and encouraged questions at every lesson.

A huge thanks to everyone participating. 


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