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17 January 2023

Sincerest thanks and congratulations to everyone from the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty and all of us at the ISTD for ensuring that the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards was such a successful and enjoyable event. It was inspiring to watch all the young dancers take part in this competition again after the hiatus of the last couple of years. 

Girl dancing at Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards

The competitors conducted themselves with professionalism both on and off the stage.  The technically accomplished and artistically polished performances of the young dancers were a real joy to watch. The beautifully choreographed set work and dances ensured that each competitor had their moment in the ‘spotlight’.

This event would not have been possible without the support and hard work of our Cecchetti members in preparing their students so beautifully and supporting them to take part.  We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our adjudicators, teachers, presenters, pianists, and assistants for their time and expertise;

Adjudicator Mabel Ryan Awards, all sections: Brandon Lawrence

Adjudicator – Vacani Awards, Lower Junior and Junior: Gillian Robinson

Adjudicator – Vacani Awards, Middle and Senior: Mary Stassinopoulos

Accompanist: Maria Milanova

Presenter – Lower Junior, Junior, and Middle Awards: Sarah Bradshaw

Presenter and teacher of the Senior Mabel Ryan Award: Holly Unnuk

Set work choreographed by: Lisa Hunter

Choreographer/s of the Mabel Ryan Award dances:

Lower Junior – Elisabeth Swan

Junior – Melanie Bull

Middle – Sarah Wells/Kasper Cornish

Senior – Penny Kay/Kasper Cornish

Assistants/Volunteers: Claudia Bagley, Julie Cronshaw, Amy Heather, Cecile Heunis, Geena Hird, Tanja Koschorrek, Poppy Mason, Demetra Moore, Tracey Moss, Katherine Ranner, Holly Unnuk and Sarah Wells

Technician: David Marley

Official event photography: James Hudson

Young male Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards performer

The Mabel Ryan Awards

These awards take place to commemorate Mabel Ryan, a much loved and respected Cecchetti ballet teacher who was herself a pupil of Enrico Cecchetti. As a teacher, she ran her London school in partnership with Margaret Craske, where she worked mainly with children for whom she had deep regard and understanding.

The Cecchetti Associates’ Performance Award

The Cecchetti Associates’ Performance Award is awarded in the Lower Junior Mabel Ryan Award to the competitor who shows the most pleasing sense of performance in their dancing

The Vacani Awards for the joy of dance

There are three Vacani Awards that are presented annually, in the Junior, Middle, and Senior sections of the Mabel Ryan Awards. These awards do not take into consideration technical ability and are presented to the children who show the most enjoyment in their dancing. The Awards are to commemorate Betty Vacani, a notable and distinguished Cecchetti teacher.

Our very grateful thanks also go to The Cecchetti Society Trust for their generous support, to Dance Direct for their sponsorship of the prizes, and to the Central School of Ballet for their hospitality and support.

Dance Direct & IDS logos

Cecchetti Society Trust

Awards results 2022

Lower Junior Mabel Ryan Award

Winner                                Hafsa Lewis                                  Jacqueline Lewis
Runner Up                           Édith Faissat                                 Mary Goodhew


Cecchetti Associates Performance Award
Winner                                Connie Jayne Cleary                                          Susan Lucas
Runner Up                           Elizabeth Wilson                                               Holly Unnuk



Uzziah Gray                                                         Susan Lucas
Ava Burstin                                                         Emma Jane Padfield
Summer Lewis                                                    Jacqueline Lewis
Darcy Rose Darnton                                           Rachel Hayward
Riddhi Ghosh                                                      Geena Hird
Jack Callachan                                                     Lisa Hunter


Junior Mabel Ryan Award

Winner                                Milly Tebbutt                                                      Mary Goodhew
Runner Up                           Sophie Leeson                                                    Holly Unnuk

Vacani Award                                                                                                  
Winner                                Sophia Lane Chow                                             Piedad Sequier @ Susan Handy Dance
Runner up                           Maddison Coleman                                           Tracey Moss @ KS Dance



Jasmine Wheatley                                  Caroline Ambery                                                           
Poppy Whittaker                                     Mary Goodhew
Lili Bar                                                       Julie Cronshaw
Imogen Williams                                      Levi Knock
Poppy Scott-Taggart                                Tarryn Owen
Nathan Denyer                                          Holly Unnuk


Middle Mabel Ryan Award

Winner                                Cordelia Martin                                                  Lisa Millard and Mary Goodhew
Runner Up                           Miou Mercer                                                      Rachel Hayward


Vacani Award    
Winner                                Philippa Robertson-Kellie                                 Holly Unnuk
Runners Up                        Holly Smith                                                          Holly Unnuk
                                             Charlie Beth Smith                                             Daisuke Miura


Grace Fitton                                             Caroline Ambery
Isabella Marchetti                                   Lucie Wilson
Mia Skovsende                                        Julie Cronshaw
Rebecca Marinelli                                     Julie Cronshaw


Senior Mabel Ryan Award
Winner                                Monica Jadkowska                                             Mary Goodhew
Runner up                           Lucy Bartlett                                                       Lucie Wilson


Vacani Award

Winner                                Maia-Jayne Smith                                              Daisuke Miura
Runner up                           Annabel Yong                                                     Geena Hird

Commendations                 Tilda Marriage Massey                                     Julie Cronshaw
                                               Emily Licis                                                            Jane Worsley


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