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10 May 2021

The Classical Indian Dance Faculty were delighted to host our first online competition - the Bursary Selection Event with the winning nominees going forward to represent the Classical Indian Dance Faculty in our Theatre Bursary Awards (date TBC).

The online competition was open to all our global members and we received a record of 70 participants which was thrilling to see. 

                                          Classical Indian Daner on green background

Our teachers and students from around the world have truly missed learning and performing in studios and theatres and we all know it has been exceptionally challenging to fill this void. However, our teachers have embraced online participation and it is safe to say that the response has been beyond positive. 

Dancing during this challenging period, has been a way to improve and maintain positivity both in our physical and mental health with our Classical Indian Dance teachers and candidates proving that through this event the passion, creativity, expression, and pure enjoyment never waived.

                                          Liz Dale and Chitra Sundaram profiles

Liz Dale (Director of Dance) and Chitra Sundaram (MBE, Trustee, and 2017 BBC Young Dancer Judge) were our adjudicators and their time, knowledge and contribution to this event has been beyond worthwhile. Both reported an exceptionally high standard from all our participants and extend their congratulations to all those who participated and who were finalists, runners up and winners in our junior and senior categories.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did and are very grateful to receive the following feedback:

It has been a great opportunity for Kalakunj students to prepare for the ISTD Bursary Awards 2021 in such a challenging time and we are grateful that the young learners could showcase their skills on a prestigious and encouraging platform”.

- Ananya Chatterjee (Teacher)


I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. A great platform from ISTD to evolve my dance skills and more opportunities like this will be fantastic”.

- Eva Maria Kuriakose (Junior Runner Up)


                                         Classical Indian dancers with certificates


I am incredibly proud of my students for their hard work and achievement. Thank you to the ISTD for providing this amazing opportunity for all the young dancers during this difficult time”.

- Dr Roopashree NS (Teacher)


I enjoyed dancing for a different type of song and having freedom of choreography. It was a good opportunity to be creative”.

Pranathi Jyothi (Dancer)


                                        Classical Indian dancers with certificates


Please see below the full list of results

Junior Section

WINNER: Diya Ponsudhahar

TEACHER: Shalini Shivashankar

SCHOOL: Upahaar School of Dance

RUNNER UP: Eva Maria Kuriakose

TEACHER: Dr Roopashree NS

SCHOOL: Pragnya Indian Arts Centre

FINALIST: Shivani Kishor

TEACHER: Ananya Chatterjee

SCHOOL: Kalakunj


FINALIST: Niya Sajesh

TEACHER: Shruti Siriam

SCHOOL: Sanskriti UK


FINALIST: Tharenya Sriharan

TEACHER: Thiriveni Sangarakumar

SCHOOL: Natyakshetra


FINALIST: Suhani Bellur

TEACHER: Ananya Chatterjee

SCHOOL: Kalakunj


Senior Section

WINNER: Sharmila Biswas

TEACHER: Chitraleka Bolar

SCHOOL: Chitraleka Dance Academy

RUNNER UP: Yukta Chegu

TEACHER: Sujata Banerjee

SCHOOL: Sujata Banerjee Dance Company

FINALIST: Adhya Shastry 

TEACHER: Ananya Chatterjee

SCHOOL: Kalakunj

FINALIST: Linnéa Prema Husmann

TEACHER: Krishna Zivraj-Nair

SCHOOL: Sanskruti Cambridge 


FINALIST: Sanjali Ranatunga 

TEACHER: Sujata Banerjee

SCHOOL: Sujata Banerjee Dance Company

FINALIST: Soumya Saladi 


SCHOOL: Sai Mayur Bharanatyam Dance School

Watch our results video:


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