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20 June 2024

We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates across our Tap Dance Faculty at the ISTD. 
With changes to the Intermediate Examination format, a revised Advanced 1 Tap Dance Syllabus and informative courses available across the UK, there are some important updates for members below.


Revised Advanced 1 Tap Syllabus

The Tap Dance Faculty are excited to be launching their revised Advanced 1 syllabus with contributions from several tap specialists within the ISTD and from the wider tap community. The revised Advanced 1 syllabus follows on from Intermediate, both in vocabulary content and structure, however, we will be allowing teachers more choice over the work to be demonstrated in the examination. 

These changes will be outlined in a separate revised Advanced 1 specification, which will be found shortly on our website and in the syllabus notes which will be available to purchase from the ISTD Shop in August.

To study the complete Advanced 1 Tap Syllabus, teachers will be required to complete a two-day course. These do not have to be two consecutive days, but a Day 1 course must be taken before attending a Day 2 course.

Launching as part of our Residential Summer Programme in August, there are events available throughout the year and across the UK. See more information on these events here and below.


CPD Courses 

There is a range of in-studio courses available for members and non-members to learn directly from our Lead Lecturers and faculty members.

Teachers will have the first opportunity to study the revised syllabus during our Residential Summer Programme - with new courses being added. Spaces are limited, with courses already selling out, so make sure you secure your space - view the schedule and book here.

There are also a host of Regional CPD courses across the UK, introducing the content of the new Advanced 1 Tap Syllabus. These courses are suitable for teachers delivering Advanced 1 Tap, Licentiates and/or Fellowships, plus teachers wanting to develop free work ideas, if they are teaching non-syllabus Tap work to higher level students.

See all relevant courses - including our Residential Summer Programme and other Tap Dance events - here.


Intermediate Tap Examination Updates

To fall in line with the examination format that we will be introducing with the new/revised Advanced 1 Tap syllabus, we are also making changes to the Intermediate Tap Examination format.
Please note that the syllabus exercises are not changing, and it is only the format for examinations taken from 1 October 2024. 

See the full explanation of changes to the Intermediate Tap Examination here.


Licentiate and Fellowship Qualifications

The timeline for the introduction of the revised Advanced 1 syllabus into Licentiate and Fellowship examination requirements is identical to the timeline for the revised Advanced 1 examinations. Candidates for these status examinations will not be required to know the settings of the drills and warm-up of the new Advanced 1. However, a fluent knowledge of the vocabulary content is necessary. 

Candidates will be required to explain teaching methods as well as creating free amalgamations and training exercises based on warming up as well as using steps from the vocabulary.
The same ruling regarding drills and warm-up will apply to the Intermediate Syllabus.

Find out more about these qualifications here. 


Dates for your diary

To stay up-to-date with the changes and courses taking place, take a note of important dates below:

  • 12-18 August 2024 – Advanced 1 Tap courses available as part of our Residential Summer Programme.
  • 1 October 2024 – Intermediate Tap examination format changes.
  • 1 October 2025 – First assessment for the revised version of the Advanced 1 Tap syllabus.
  • 1 October 2025 - 30 September 2026 - Both the current and revised versions of the Advanced 1 Tap syllabus are examinable.
    Teachers should check they are making entries for the correct version when booking. 
  • 30 September 2026 - Last date for examinations in the current version of the Advanced 1 Tap syllabus, including any resits.
  • 1 October 2026 - Revised Advanced 1 Tap syllabus now replaces any other Advanced 1 version.


For any questions, you can reach the ISTD Tap Faculty via email - - or members can send us a message via the ISTD Tap Faculty Facebook group here.



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