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24 August 2021

Amanda Tapp, Head of Faculty Development (DFR), Malcolm Hill, Head of Faculty Development (Modern Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dance) and a small focus group of teachers have been working hard to provide our Dancesport teachers with a new and exciting range of medals in line with our new branding.

The launch of our new medals will come in September to provide our teachers with a fresh new look to our awards alongside the celebration of returning to the studio after a very difficult period. 

We appreciate how important the Medal Test system is to our teachers and their businesses, and  as we designed the medals, we also had to carefully consider our carbon footprint and the amount of plastic that was being produced, distributed, and ending in landfill. 

We also considered how we align our medals with the theatre examinations and looked at a more fluid progression for the many combinations of examinations that we offer for our learners.

Introductory tests:  A different “colour” medal for each category along with a different coloured ribbon for each level, suggesting progression and enabling the students to “collect” the different colours. Each centre will have the new Society logo, along with the genre that it is relevant to.

Bronze/silver and gold medals: for higher examinations will be presented in a luxurious velour case a sophisticated offering, as we move away from plastic trophies.


Dancesport medals


We look forward to hearing your thoughts as the medals come out to you. Look out for promotional material we will be providing to help you promote the medal tests in your schools.

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