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9 September 2020

This time last year I’d never heard of Zoom and certainly hadn’t envisaged teaching online classes. So I must admit that when I was asked to take my first online Tap lecture I was slightly apprehensive.

However, the nerves immediately disappeared when I saw all the enthusiastic, happy teachers smiling back at me.

There were both familiar and new faces from Italy, Ireland, South Africa and the UK.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere put everyone at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing and sharing ideas.

It was a great opportunity, not only to clarify the syllabus but also to bring people together and connect during these challenging times.

Overall 2000 delegates attended the sessions across the different genres, which is incredible and even better, no flights or travelling was involved.

The positive feedback was an added bonus, which was greatly appreciated by everyone concerned.

It is clear that the desire to learn, progress and connect is stronger than ever and the Tap Faculty enjoyed seeing everyone again at the online summer school.

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